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Sand is Eternal

"I wish I was more like sandthat way I could hitch a ride between your toes"

Published onJun 30, 2024
Sand is Eternal

Photo by Oks Malkova:

It doesn’t take long really—
sand has a beginning
a starting point of rock and water
but it has no end
whether it be the pestle and mortar of the ocean
or the insistent abrasion of rivers streams
that disrupt the big and make them small.
I wish I was more like sand
that way I could hitch a ride between your toes
laugh on the floor of your kitchen—
your brooms and vacuums would be useless against me
and I’d live with you forever.

Marc Janssen has been writing poems since around 1980. Some people would say that was a long time but not a dinosaur. Early decrepitude has not slowed him down much; his verse can be found scattered around the world in places like Pinyon, Slant, Cirque Journal, Off the Coast and Poetry Salzburg also in his book November Reconsidered. Janssen coordinates the Salem Poetry Project- a weekly reading, the occasionally occurring Salem Poetry Festival, and was a nominee for Oregon Poet Laureate. For more information visit,

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