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We Will Meet Again

"We'll meet at each eclipse with a kiss, a moment frozen in cosmic bliss."

Published onJun 05, 2024
We Will Meet Again

Photo by Eclipse Chasers:

From such a gentle thing,
from such a fountain of delight,
my every pain is born ~ Michelangelo

We met in the endless void of the universe,
a never ending story of love.
But we could never be seen together
for it would slaughter worlds;
Earth would decay, and life would turn to ash.
But perhaps once every other decade
wouldn’t hurt;
we’ll meet at each eclipse with a kiss,
a moment frozen in cosmic bliss.
Just wait a little longer, darling—
until then you will rise at sunset,
and I will rise at dawn
like we always have
in sync with the hands of time.
Wait, my love, I will see you soon
and hold you in my light,
for there is no impossible love.
Millions will witness our reunion;
the stars will dance
people will gasp in awe
a symphony will play,
but it can only last for minutes.
We must continue to sacrifice
for the sake of the universe,
but know this—
our love makes up the stars;
we’re an everlasting duo
who has a chance
for a spectacular dance
in tomorrow’s light.

Kaylee is an all A student at Seymour Senior High School. She was able to receive a Core 40 diploma. She was also Owl of the Month twice, once for Science and another for Agriculture. Kaylee enjoys long walks, listening to music, studying, and writing poetry. She uses her fascinations to help write meaningful poetry.

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