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SAR V Call for Submissions: Interruptors

A new opportunity for inclusion in our next print issue.

Published onJul 22, 2021
SAR V Call for Submissions: Interruptors

If you’ve ever seen a print edition of San Antonio Review beyond the first issue, you’ve likely noticed random quotes spread throughout. I’m sure there’s an

Example of an “Interruptor” from San Antonio Review (Volume III | Summer 2020). / Design by the author.

industry-standard name for such small items that seemingly ephemerally1 appear in journals, but as I’m a novice at all this and, thus, get to refer to things however I like at least until I try communicating the idea to others, I termed them “Interruptors” because they interrupt what can otherwise be a rather staid flow of text after you get past the art section.

In full sarcasm, I’ll admit it’s fun to be the one to create all this work, given my clearly extraordinary graphic design abilities. In complete seriousness, I stumble through it all, as with most things

Another example from SAR III. Design by the author.

in life. Fortunately, it occurred to me that this is another perfect opportunity to highlight and promote others’ work. So, here goes:

Call for Submissions of “Interruptors” for San Antonio Review (Volume V | Summer 2021)

Submissions of black-and-white or grayscale still artworks are sought for publication in the fifth print issue of San Antonio Review due to be released at the end of August.

Interruptor from SAR III. Design by William O. Pate II.

Artworks should incorporate one or more of the quotations listed here, including source information.

Submissions should follow the usual guidelines at and not exceed six-by-nine inches to accommodate printing.

We look forward to reviewing your work.

Thank you!

William O. Pate II is the founding editor and publisher of San Antonio Review. He lives in Austin with his wife, four dogs and a parrot. Learn more about him at

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