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"Just a moment"

Published onOct 26, 2023

Photo by Andre Furtado:

Is joy just a moment
waiting to be found, to be recognized
before it flits off like
the undetectable wing of a hummingbird

Is joy just the sweet
sugar-water taste that drips
off your lips and evaporates
in the sun

I mean to say is joy, just

Just a moment
Just there
Just gone

Before you can grab ahold
feel it between your fingers, divine its texture
understand that joy is just
and then it’s just

Alexandra Rehkemper is a writer and poet living in Denver, CO. She currently writes long term care articles for the Anne Arundel County of Aging. She also has self-published a book of poetry called Sometimes Circles Aren't Linear. When not writing you can find her hiking with her dog Mia.

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