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After Shocks

A digital painting created to bring awareness to the struggles survivors face after escaping from their abusers.

Published onMay 03, 2023
After Shocks

After Shocks, Ryan Nightingale (Digital Painting, 2023)

“After Shocks” was created to bring awareness to the fact that even after someone leaves an abusive relationship, the struggles don’t end. There is the depression, nightmares, flashbacks, victim blaming, etc. that many survivors deal with. It can make it so that those abusive years seem to follow oneself, and this can be incredibly difficult to move on from. So, the above was created to bring awareness to the challenges abuse survivors face long after.

Ryan Nightingale currently writes under his pseudonym and has had 4 short stories published in both online and print literary journals. He’s also had three digital paintings published. In Ryan’s spare time, he enjoys painting and other creative works.

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