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Human Geometry

“I sometimes think / That any given 2 people/ As 2 Euclidean points / Define a line”

Published onJun 27, 2021
Human Geometry

Photo by Rémy Penet on Unsplash

From 1 angle

I sometimes think

That any given 2 people

As 2 Euclidean points

Define a line

Which extends to infinity

In both directions

Through — into — beyond — each point

Leaving no value in space or time

Untouched - outside its domain

Until the line completely subsumes

The invisible points

A parallel perspective

Occasionally occurs to me

No less compelling

That those 2 points

Are no line, just lone points

1 and 1 — not 2

The distance between them

Without measure

Effectively infinite

Completely unbridgeable

Each on its own vanishing to


Increasingly distant

In vast empty space

Perhaps these are two properties

Two primal forces

The resulting tension

Giving rise to the infinitely variegated


Observed in practice


Returning to seeing the reality

The entire system

All the points at once

Their interactions

Segments or chords

Delimited by other points

Space and time


The terror

Of either option

Or the resultant


Can any of these

Somehow falsify



Is the network

Truer — somehow

Than a collection of edges

Considered individually?


Mendy Zibulnik is a Chabad Bochur studying in Yeshivah in NYC.

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