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Disinformation Campaign

"Hells bells should they glimpse a hint of truth"

Published onMar 08, 2023
Disinformation Campaign

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It’s not just for funsies
our flimflam directive.
They musn’t know what
we know lest a seismic
tilt befall the paradigm
our peeps have carved
lo these sundry aeons.
Hells bells should they
glimpse a hint of truth
in the buff before we
tar and feather it. Woe
is we should this reality
be unadorned with hat,
fake mustache, glasses.
Extraordinary times call
for ordinary measures.
We need them to look
themselves in the eyes
in our funhouse mirror,
comfortable in someone
else’s skin, good to go
without going anywhere.

Matthew’s poetry was featured in The Best American Poetry 2007, and his chapbook, “Silent Partner,” won the 2013 Sow’s Ear Press Chapbook Award. He received an MFA in poetry from the University of Montana in 1999 and now works as an insurance consultant in Chicago.

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