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If a Rose

"If a rose can be so sweet, despite having razor teeth"

Published onMay 14, 2023
If a Rose

Photo by Ameen Fahmy:

If a rose can be so sweet,
despite having razor teeth,
and if a bee can bring the spring,
despite having such a sting,
and if a dreaded summer shower
can bring fields full of flowers.
If the howling wind and snow,
can leave the world with a soft glow,
and if the violent, cunning sea,
can also hold such a peace,
and if a passion can spark the flame,
then why can’t I do the same?

Ryan Nightingale has had five short stories published in both print and digital formats. He has also had several digital paintings published. He has just finished writing his debut novel. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys painting and other creative pursuits.

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