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Flowers in the dark


Published onSep 17, 2023
Flowers in the dark

Flowers in the Dark by Melissa Gormley

We tend to take in the awe of nature while the sun shines upon us. Yet, how can we forget the beautiful qualities that can be shown through the moonlight. “Flowers in the Dark” is a reminder that even in the depths of the shadows, charms of nature still bloom.

Melissa Gormley holds many roles in life—writer, nature lover, artist, picture taker and advocate—but her most important role is being a wife and a mother. She’s always had a love for art in many forms - painting or drawing, attending local artists Q&A’s, writing poetry and collecting unique art pieces. Over previous years she’s taken a fascination on how powerful art can be. There is a movement she’s contributing to, which is to use this talent as a means to spread strength and hope. Her goal is to be committed in bringing distinctive vibes and fresh emotion to each project. On social media she posts daily reminders to have a look outside, and appreciate Mother Earth, life and what the universe has to offer.

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