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"We make black tendrils against a setting sun"

Published onMay 08, 2024

Photo by Clément Falize:

we begin at dusk
lying in wait 
while the world 
moves apace
oblivious to our
woes and whims
the night flight begins 
coordinated cluster into 
the abundant sky
despised & expectant 
driven to extinction
we make black tendrils 
against a setting sun 
wings thrashing perfect pink 
beauty in arrangement
throbbing impulse
movement in tandem
a wild yearning
for survival
we can't escape
these age-old habits
we crave damp 
caves to satisfy
nocturnal needs
some things come
natural in the dark

Phil Nobile is a writer, editor and musician. He lives with his partner and two dogs in Austin, Texas. 

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