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Warehouse of Broken Wheels

"you said misery loves company"

Published onNov 23, 2023
Warehouse of Broken Wheels

Photo by Erik Mclean:

The grief counselor informed me
the free-trial subscription period

was ending soon, and it was time
to decide — enroll or cancel.

Eventually, it all comes ‘round,
you said misery loves company,

yet the company closed up shop,
packed it in, left town, no notice,

not even a lousy fire sale,
not even for heaven’s sake,

just flashes of light prints
dimming as they walk away.

Nothing to do now but take shelter
in a warehouse of broken wheels

Kenneth Johnson is a poet and visual artist living in southern California. His work has been published in Carousel, The Diaspora/UC Berkeley, Hitchlit Review, Humana Obscura, Boundless Anthology of Rio Grande Valley Poetry, and other publications.

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