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If your love was an ocean

"all I would see is blue"

Published onAug 07, 2023
If your love was an ocean

Photo by Francesco Ungaro:

If your love was an ocean 
I’d go swimming everyday.
I’d build myself a proper ship
and in your waves I’d stay.

If your love was an ocean
I’d lose myself at sea.
No tide could take me back to shore.
No land could entice me.

If your love was an ocean
all I would see is blue.
I’d let myself go under
and drown myself in you.

A Mexico native, Fernando Morales is a writer living in Converse, Texas. His poetry explores his experiences with fear, love, and the loss of both as they intertwine and consume each other. He writes to express the anxious longing for connection with which so many people struggle to verbalize. 

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