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"but those who matter, don't mind"

Published onOct 26, 2023

Photo by Priscilla du Preez:

I don’t do eloquent;
I do raw and real

Straight to the point
no unnecessary pontification
because what is the point
of speaking only to be misunderstood

I don’t do riddles;
I do reasons and requests

When I talk I want to communicate,
not complicate or confuse

I am an open book
straight to the point
rip the band-aid off
healing only comes when we are opened and exposed to air

Candor though
is both curse and conviction

Sometimes eloquence is needed
but those who matter, don’t mind
those who mind, don’t matter
but then again, sometimes they do

Honey drips from my tongue
apologies and assuages

How do I make my words both blunt & beautiful?

Alexandra Rehkemper is a writer and poet living in Denver, CO. She currently writes long term care articles for the Anne Arundel County of Aging. She also has self-published a book of poetry called Sometimes Circles Aren't Linear. When not writing you can find her hiking with her dog Mia.

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