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"I onlyknow one star has landed in my palm..."

Published onJun 09, 2024

Photo by Ruvim:

Like almost every late June night
in Louisiana, this one’s filled
with a sky thick with sweat,
and my legs churn as I chase
after the little fliers that carry
blinking lanterns in their butts.

The open mouth of my Mason jar
has high hopes of catching lights.
I see a silhouette that looks like mother
standing inside the screen door motioning
me to come. But I am in a dream, floating
in a dark universe surrounded by swarms

of stars. I don't know about the truck
or the highway or the wreck. I only
know one star has landed in my palm
and won't fly off, and I'm mesmerized
by its glow on my lifeline.

W. Barrett Munn is a graduate of The Institute of Children's
Literature where he studied writing under Larry Callen. His adult
poetry has appeared in Awakenings Review, San Antonio Review,
Copperfield Review Quarterly, Sequoia Speaks, Kairos Literary,
Book of Matches and many others.

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