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Cosmic Trip

"Stop in on Pluto, since no one ever calls anymore"

Published onNov 06, 2022
Cosmic Trip

~Photo by Greg Rakozy:

Cosmic trip for one,

Hitch an inner tube to a blazing meteor,

Surf a radioactive wave,

Pushed and pulled by the Moon,

Sauna by a bubbling sea of methane,

Drifting to sleep as I get dizzy staring,

At swirling galaxies,

Teasing event horizons by staying just short of their grasp,

Checking out a poetry reading at a speak-easy,

Hidden among stars, impossible to find,

Attend a lecture on interplanetary cuisine using a fusion reactor,

Marvel at en mode antennae styles at inter-nebulae fashion shows,

Stop in on Pluto, since no one ever calls anymore,

Marginalized, on the edge,

An identity smaller than its size,

Might run into Elvis, and his pelvis,

We’d share a peanut butter and banana sandwich,

Talk about Memphis,

Until strings vibrate me home.

Trae Stewart is an emerging queer poet and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. He writes poetry to center and ground himself so that he may best help others. Trae's poetry has been recently featured in Aurum Journal, orangepeel, and Survive & Thrive. He is also a widely published academic researcher and seasoned educator.

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