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Arts Q&A Template

Artists can copy this template to respond to our Q&A.

Published onJan 03, 2022
Arts Q&A Template

Copy this template into a new submission to begin.

Add artwork and other media by clicking Media above.

When you’re finished completing this Q&A, click Request Publication and email [email protected] to let us know it’s ready for review.

Byline will include names of artist and editor.

1. Let's start with the basics, tell us about yourself. 

2. What media do you mainly work with? 

3. What got you started on your current path? 

4. How have things (artistically, life, whatever) changed for you over the past seven months? 

5. Who to/Where do you look for inspiration? 

6. What are your major concerns with the world today? 

7. How does your artwork connect with your larger purpose? 

8. Advice for beginners (of any age)?

9. Work/shows we should look for?

10. Final comments? Additions? 

[Artist bio]

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