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Note from the Editor & Publisher

Announcing our move to PubPub.

Published onJun 21, 2020
Note from the Editor & Publisher

We're excited to announce we've partnered with Knowledge Futures Group to join their open-access publishing community, PubPub. PubPub will allow us to combine the submission, review and publication processes into one system and, more important, provide a continuing archive of our contributors' published works with all-important DOIs assigned to each piece and give contributors' the ability to tie their identities to their works via ORCiD.

We are working on moving all content from WordPress to PubPub and then will redirect our domain names to the new system. In the meantime, we are publishing pieces at both systems but new submissions should be made through PubPub at

We look forward to presenting your work using this versatile system. Thank you!

William O. Pate II
June 21, 2020
Austin, Texas, USA

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