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At Least the Leaks Aren't Metaphorical

"just the rustle of another page turning"

Published onNov 01, 2023
At Least the Leaks Aren't Metaphorical

Photo by lil artsy:

A .38 bullet in a .357 Magnum
reminds me of going to the shooting range
with my father,
who used to make his own bullets.

Him, in our basement, measuring gun powder
and installing primers and slugs,
until my parents sold their house
because they couldn't afford a new roof.

It's like me writing poem after poem,
while the pot in my kitchen is pissed in
by thawing spring snow,
except his noise was thunder

and mine just the rustle
of another page turning.

Richard LeDue lives in Norway House, Manitoba, Canada. He has been published both online and in print. He is the author of nine books of poetry. His latest book, It Could Be Worse, was published from Alien Buddha Press in May 2023.

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