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"Some are on the surface"

Published onSep 27, 2023

Photo by Clive Kim:

I dip the line of thought
to fish out a word.

Some are on the surface
and some deep inside
all circling round the line.

Somewhere one stimulates
the hand of the thought.

It takes home a salmon.

Sreekanth Kopuri Ph.D. is an Indian poet, current poetry editor for The AutoEthnographer Journal Florida, Alumni Writer in Residence, Athens, and a Professor of English from Machilipatnam, India. He recited his poetry at Oxford, John Hopkins, Heinrich Heine, Caen, and many universities. His poems appeared in Arkansan Review, Christian Century, Two-Thirds North, Expanded Field, and Chicago Memory House, to mention a few. His book, Poems of the Void, was the winner of the Golden Book of the Year 2022.

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