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CTW: Day 5

Counter-histories, vernacular histories and more . . .

Published onJul 07, 2020
CTW: Day 5

A couple of examples of the language used by members and theorists involved in the Critical Theory Workshop that I was unfamiliar with being outside academia:

  1. “Stack.” This one is easy. It’s just creating a queue of questioners (like a deck of cards stacked atop one another). It took me about three seconds to figure this out in the second session.

  2. “Current conjuncture.” This one is a little more complex, but should be easy to understand. It’s essentially understanding any moment in time as the intersection of a variety of determining factors or conditions that coalesce to form what we understand as being “the present” or “the 19th century” or “July 4, 1776.”

The Injustice Never Leaves You by Rebecca Munoz Martinez, which I recently read, demonstrates this well by providing a slice of Texas history ignored by mainstream accounts. By recognizing this history and adding it to (and modifying) our existing account, one can see how “time,” if you will, is layered.

More to come . . .

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