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Kathy's Waltz

"rediscovering your two left feet"

Published onOct 02, 2023
Kathy's Waltz

Photo by Inge Wallumrød:

A buoy, freshly minted, bouncing among
softly rolling waves, emphatically waving
goodbye as the sun falls back
into the earth.
The first dance with your mother,
rediscovering your two left feet,
and lust for life. Her calm hand steadies
sea legs as you both sail
into the hyacinth sunset.
There’s sand in the sieve;
the hourglass flips for the last time.

Corey Bryan is a student at Georgia State University. He lives with his clowder of cats (the best to ever do it) and girlfriend in Atlanta, GA. He is currently writing daily poetry prompts with a friend of his at He is published at the Empyrean Lit Magazine and Deep South Magazine and has 4 poems forthcoming at A Door is a Jar, and the Seventh Quarry Press.

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