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Definitely Atopic

"a primal instinct overrides rational thought"

Published onJul 03, 2024
Definitely Atopic

Photo by Kristina Nor:

emerging suddenly,
creeping stealthily
first a gentle tickle,
barely perceptible
then insistent throbs
commanding action,
manifesting in inconvenient places,
teasing unpredictably
maybe a solitary annoyance or
an army of prickling sensations,
then wildfire across the body,
a relentless force
that demands relief.
the urge to scratch
irresistible, a primal instinct
overrides rational thought
yet even as fingers delve
into the skin with ecstasy
the temporary relief
only leads to more…

E Kraft is a poet who enjoys creating origami art and coding for a non-profit organization. Her poems have been published by The Inlandia Institute, The Hanging Loose Press, The National Poetry Quarterly, and others. She is grateful for everyone who has read her poems or attended her readings.

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