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Walking with Mom

I too, will grow old and maybe ramble and bore

Published onMay 10, 2023
Walking with Mom

Photo by Lisa van Vliet:

Going for a walk with my mom was not easy,
frequent stops of hellos would make me dizzy,
I wondered why she would smile at so many,
time is also a precious penny.
Now I understand why she stopped to greet,
for many, her smile and hello was their daily treat.
She understood—old age is lonely and hard,
not many halt to say hello in the yard.
Now, I understand why she was perky and patient,
my perspectives on life were naive and nascent.
Sharing concerns are what make us humane,
though, chides during youth were in vain.
Now, I understand, life is more than chore(s),
I too, will grow old and perhaps ramble and bore,
narrate old tales, health troubles, and older lore,
others too will be interested in other things more.
I too will wish someone would stop and talk,
smile and greet me and ask about my walk.
I too will wish someone would not be in a hurry,
stop, smile, and speak and not want to scurry.

Shalini Kathuria Narang is a Silicon Valley-based software professional and freelance journalist. She has reported for national and international newspapers, magazines and news sites. Her poems have been published in several anthologies. She is a monthly contributor to Masticadores USA and has been published on Spillwords Press. Her blog site is  Rhythm and Rhyme. She is originally from New Delhi and has settled in the Bay Area with her husband and two daughters for 25+ years.  

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