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April 1st

"I don't know if you're coming back."

Published onMay 05, 2024
April 1st

Photo by Ruby:

It’s April Fool’s
and I stole your nísperos,
but this isn’t a joke.
Broke the branches off with my hands.
There hasn’t been anyone
at your place in weeks.
I don’t know if you’re coming back
or if we’re ever meeting again in this life.
With no one around to catch me,
except the spider webs I ran into,
I took off with several bunches.
So many leaves,
maybe I can grow my own tree.
They’re not all ripe yet.
Some are still sour like us.
It’s been over a year
without this bittersweet gold.

Sarai Argüelles is a Mexican-American poet, painter, UHCL alum, and aspiring librarian. She loves plants, books, and her friends. Her writing primarily focuses on relationships, the concepts of hope and home, and her hometown of Houston. You can find more of her work on her Instagram accounts @poetaster_phenom and @sar_a_i.

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