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A Month Without Rain

"The air is heavy, aching to burst in fire and fury."

Published onMar 17, 2024
A Month Without Rain

Photo by Ivars:

What is there to be said
about the humble foxglove?
That the flowers that are
beautiful can be deadly, too?
Commonplace. Like life, the
weight that we bear.
The air is heavy, aching to
burst in fire and fury. Waiting on
the bees too fast for the camera
lens, flies gorged on a month
without rain. Its flowers are
heavy too; the sun hazy, alight:
electric. Swollen with a
birth too long delayed.

J.M. Summers was born and still lives in South Wales. Previous publication credits include Another Country from Gomer Press and numerous magazines / anthologies. The former editor of a number of small press magazines, he has published one book, Niamh, a collection of prose and poetry.

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