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Aubade with Northern Lights

"You are both Clark Kent and Superman."

Published onDec 25, 2023
Aubade with Northern Lights

Photo by stein egil liland:

Chaque nuit I retire before you,
wearing bergamot perfume, a black dress,
and a statement necklace
modeled after the Aurora Borealis,
with abalone shell and mother of pearl.

When I open my eyes, I am naked
beside you.

It is dark and I realize how happy I am
to share this life with you.

You are sleeping with tousled hair.

I touch your cheek,
kiss your forearm,
hug your torso,
as you mumble something
about work or other stressors.

You are both Clark Kent and Superman.

I think to myself,
when we have silvery hair
and soft bones,
I will hold your hand and ask
about the 1,000 mornings I missed you
because you were reading
about psychology, philosophy, or religion
to help lonely people find solace.

Sara Cosgrove is an award-winning journalist and emerging poet. Her poems have appeared or are scheduled to appear in The Seventh Quarry, Meniscus, Notre Dame Review, Osiris, and Roi Fainéant. She has worked as an editor for 15 years and has studied in the United States, Cuba, and France.

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