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Corona Seasons: haiku and senryu sequence (since 2020)

Published onMay 08, 2022
Corona Seasons: haiku and senryu sequence (since 2020)

 quarantine flowers
 —contactless delivery—
 memento mori

 walks down banned beaches
 shoals of multicoloured masks—
 ships flying ensigns

 yarrow and ragweed
 in seed clawing through asphalt—
 the rush-hour silence

 advent calendars
 open identical days—
 frost-etched windowpane      

 the months of absence
 skin touched through the haze of screens—
 hope bruised like blossom

Dilys Wyndham Thomas (she/her) is a Belgian and British writer based in The Netherlands. She has also lived in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, France, Germany, Jordan, and the UK. Dilys is an assistant poetry editor at Passengers Journal, and she organises a poetry feedback group for Strange Birds Migratory Writing Collective. Her work has appeared in Beyond Words, Prometheus Dreaming, Rust and Moth, Wild Roof Journal, and Willows Wept Review.

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