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"I'd give my good eye to be an eyeful"

Published onApr 30, 2023

Oh yea
I’d give all my teeth to be that tall dark and handsome
And yea I might even be willing to die real young
just so I could live on and on
like some dream thing
in movie posters

But before that
I’d like to have the kind of looks
that stop anything breathing in its tracks
as it stared at me and my marvel --
at my boat-load of handy dandy
and my cup running over
if you get my drift

 I’d give my good eye to be an eyeful
of a best-looking swoon angel
The kind of oh my goodness treat that’s like
when butter meets honey

 Yea if only my magazine looks
could be the best ever seen
since hair was parted by Moses
or someone Egyptian

 There’s that

 And too, I’d give a twist on this bad thumb to be irresistible
And yea, that’s spelled with the real sexy i waving up front
on the float
and that big bad e grinning in the rear
if you get my drift

 Truly I’d give up my last smoke
the extra best one I’m told
To have those kind of god idol looks
So that whenever however and as ever I went
each heavenly bolt and blast of light
would itself fall on its knees in mud
for gawking up at me

Larew’s poems appear widely. His next collection, Patchy Ways, is forthcoming from CyberWit Press.

T A Niles:

What a tremendous read and listen! Hiram Larew continues to perfect his art and it is a beautiful thing for us all!

Hiram [email protected]:

Thanks, T. A., for taking the time to read the poem and then, to write your note about it. Here’s to poetry!