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Dandelion Harbinger

"It gives you a leg up"

Published onSep 06, 2023
Dandelion Harbinger

Photo by Pixabay:

Worn flowers
hanging on by a thread
warmed by a peeked
yet frozen
in one place
like life can be

too much of a good thing
is too much
but never enough
when will it be?

will it to happen en mass
in fortitude and in shining, hopeless
not yet taken
but planned
with an intricate beauty

so well timed, laid out, charted course
that you will swear
a former you
came up with it
in a former life

and this is where the next path begins
where the other ends

perhaps with love, sorrow, regret,
tears splashing across the windshield
on a rainy night
drive to nowhere

listening to the same music
that never gets old,
going to the same cheap room,
buying beer from
the same store in the same town,
and trying to find the same love
from the same type of woman.

there's an inevitable pattern
that life takes on after awhile,
a merry go round that goes
round and round
with no way off,
from the mundane to the exciting,
it knows how to hurt you
in all the right places
without even trying.
but there's a familiar comfort
in it all
knowing what's just around the corner,
what's in the fridge, who's in the apartment down the hall,
and the neighbors barking dog
waiting for you when you get home.
It gives you a leg up, lets you know what's ahead
so you don't have to struggle
quite as much.

Peace of mind means everything
and when it comes time
for the eternal harbinger
to cast its light down upon you,
sit soft, rest easy
and don't forget to

Justin Edse lives in Columbus, OH, with his cat Stella where he is a programmer by day, and a poet by night. He loves writing poetry that highlights the voices of people seldom heard from; the everyday working stiffs, the down and out, the lonely and looking. He hopes to reach out and let them know that they aren't alone with their thoughts in this sometimes-crazy world. In his spare time, Justin enjoys shooting guns, antique hunting, hitchhiking, and collecting typewriters. He has six of them now and has no plans on slowing down. Next up on his list, the IBM Selectric.

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