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When I Met Grace

She is an abnormality / in the torrential downpour  / of spandex covered ass

Published onJun 12, 2024
When I Met Grace

Photo by Roghaye Arabpour:

Deep stares
      and tangled hair
We gaze into the reflective
      majestic mirage
            of a dark forest
She is an abnormality
      in the torrential downpour
            of spandex covered ass
She is the orange glow
      of tobacco
            in dismal clouds
She is a mystery
      with indistinct clues
            of angelic demonism
She raised the questions yet to be answered:
      where be my blue opiate star forever obsessed?
      where next shall my vessel point?
      when will I stop searching through wastelands & evergreen
            down steep hills & uncertain fogs?
      what is to be found in the bubbling green lagoon
            of early settlers?
      what is to be?

 what me to be?

 to be the best me
            I can be.

Lawrence Grant Bassett is a biologist, statistician, and writer based out of San Marcos, Texas. His poetry focuses on the joys, sorrows, and introspective crises that are inextricably linked to our human condition. He has previously published senryu in the journal Cattails.

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