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A Medusa

"He couldn't skip a heartbeat"

Published onJul 12, 2023
A Medusa

Photo by Karla Facio:

The jellyfish landed up on a busy street. He met a girl 

wearing a Dracula print shirt. She was beautiful and alone, 

waiting beside a restaurant. He couldn't skip a heartbeat, 

but flirted with her. She asked him to bring the moon and 

some stars to play with. He took a piece of tissue paper 

to draw them. While he was busy sketching the sky, she 

stabbed him six times and diffused out. He laid dead for 

a fortnight, no one was bothered for a blob. A priest threw 

the blob into the ocean. He woke up a polyp, diagnosed 

himself of heartbreak and decided to have therapy sessions. 

Few days later, he landed again on a busy street. He entered 

a bookshop and picked up a magazine. He started to read 

the first poem titled, 'A Medusa'. His heart didn't skip a beat.

Ankur Jyoti Saikia (he/ him) is a forestry researcher based in India who believes in his self-coined maxim “scribble, submit, repeat.” Twitter & Instagram: @amythfromassam

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