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San Antonio Review, Issue Two | Winter 2019

Announcing Issue Two.

Published onSep 16, 2019
San Antonio Review, Issue Two | Winter 2019

On behalf of the all-volunteer staff of San Antonio Review, I’m proud to announce the release of our second issue.

It will be available for order through your local booksellers and libraries in the coming days. Currently, it is available for immediate download on Amazon Kindle. (Remember to always use so a portion of your purchase goes to a worthy cause!)

You may order print copies from us via our Open Collective page. Those who order via Open Collective will receive an email with a PDF version so they can get started reading right away. I’ll be shipping print copies as soon as I receive and approve the final print proof, which should arrive this week.

Print copies will also be available elsewhere online.

If you live in San Antonio, Austin or Brno, Czech Republic, you may stumble upon a copy at a coffee shop, bookstore or medical provider’s office. Let us know if you do in the comments!

In celebration, our first issue is available for free on Amazon Kindle until Thursday night. Get it while it’s cheap!

Thank you, Alex and Gianna, for all your help.

Thank you, financial contributors, who have helped offset some of the cost of this endeavor to my family.

Thank you to all our writers and artists for your patience in waiting for replies to your submissions as we slog through all the nuts and bolts of keeping this publication going. It’s an honor to work with you, host your work and, hopefully, help find more admirers for it.

Now, back to our work – whatever your role in it is: writer, artist, reader!

William O. Pate II
September 2019

If you contributed to this issue and haven’t received an email from me about your complimentary copy, please email me. Similarly, if you’re going to buy multiple copies, email me so I can discount the price a bit. Note that U.S. retail price will be $11.11 per copy.

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