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Hey, Mr. Government

A 'country style' song inspired by the 2008 financial crisis

Published onJun 14, 2023
Hey, Mr. Government

Photo by Markus Winkler:

Audio by the author.

Hey, Mr. Government, can you spare a dime
I lost my job now everything is on the line
I don’t need much, I’ve already paid some dues
Just a few more unemployment checks to help me make it through

What’s that you say, you gave it all away?
To some needy, mortgage bankers and GM’s Chevrolet
You say, don't worry son when this is said and done,
You'll be better off, in oh so many ways

Yeah, tell that to the widow who lives 'round the bend
She's hurtin' mighty bad and darn near the end
She could use a bailout, just a helping hand
Hey, Mr. Government, help me understand

 Let me tell you son just how it’s gonna be
We first take care of them, who first took care of me
There’s a lot of needy bankers and makers of cars
And 700 Billion smacks can only go so far

Yeah that makes sense to me, I guess I shouldn’t bitch
You simply take our money and give it to the rich
And in spite of their incompetence and avarice and graft
They get all the stimulus and we all get the shaft

Hey, Mr. Government can you spare a dime
For all your needy people who are waiting on the time
When justice can’t be boughten and playing field is fair
On that day the game will change, and we’ll all get our share

Thomas Dunne was born at Black River Falls, raised in Pewaukee and is now retired in Koshkonong, Wisconsin. He spends time writing, walking and writing (mostly country) songs. His work has appeared in The Milwaukee Journal, Creative Wisconsin Magazine, Mountain Pilot magazine, Liguorian Magazine, Blue Collar Review, Wine Cellar Press and Agape Review.

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