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How to Submit to SAR via PubPub

Specific instructions.

Published onJun 20, 2021
How to Submit to SAR via PubPub

Submitting via PubPub

PubPub gives writers and artists the ability to create or import their work directly into San Antonio Review’s Pending Submissions queue. Each Pub is a single submission. Writers and artists are encouraged to use the PubPub What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to format their submissions as they’d like them to appear in San Antonio Review — no more hoping the editors get your spacing correct (yippee!). You can also insert pictures, audio and video and embed media directly into your Pub. You can even use LaTeX commands to insert scientific and mathematical equations, uncommon typographical elements and more.

🎥 Click here to watch a video example of submitting to SAR.🎬

  1. To submit, create a PubPub account. They collect very limited information and do not share it (even with us).

    If you run into problems registering or don’t receive a confirmation email from PubPub, contact them at [email protected]. They’re really nice folks willing to help.

  2. Click Create Pub.

  3. Insert your work’s title where it currently reads "Untitled . . ."

  4. Note your submission’s genre in the summary section below the title.

  5. Edit your byline.

  6. Type or import your submission. (Note PDFs cannot be imported as they are proprietary.)

  7. Check the submission's formatting for accuracy.

    • The PubPub WYSIWYG editor you write, import or copy-and-paste your submission into is the same editor we use to review, edit, comment on and, ultimately, publish your work. Essentially, you are creating the piece that will be published on this site when you submit. The PubPub WYSIWYG editor can be used much as any other blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc.) editor with its own unique quirks, abilities and limitations.

    • Insert art or photographs by using the Media button.

    • Be sure to include a short biography and your email at the end of your piece (or that you’ve completed our datasheet below) so we can contact you.

  8. When you're finished, click Request Publication and enter your cover letter/introduction into the dialog that pops up.

  9. To ensure receipt, feel free to email us at [email protected] letting us know something new is waiting for us. Direct questions there, too.

  10. Be sure to check back on your piece after giving us some time to see if we’ve left review comments for you to address, accept or reject prior to publication.

While we aren’t technical geniuses, we’re always willing to help you figure out how to submit your work so that it appears in its best form.

Submission Notes for Artists

When submitting work to San Antonio Review, artists should upload their work using the PubPub WYSIWYG editor.

  • Please upload works separately. Each artwork should have its own title.

  • Specific note should be made of the ability to upload and/or embed content from a variety of sources by clicking Media in the editor.

  • Once uploaded, if you click on the media item, a menu allowing you to control size, spacing, placement and caption will appear. Captions should include: Name of artwork, date, location, media and artist name (which may be linked to artist’s site or social media).

  • Feel free to use extra white space in the body of your submission for including other information.

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