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Open Wound

"I lick my wounds in hopes to save her."

Published onApr 17, 2024
Open Wound

Photo by Phong Pham:

I am scar bound, 
this is nothing new. 
I can slit my throat a thousand times
and continue to choke. 
People will stand in awe 
as I try to wrap my throat. 

Each time I can never contain the blood,
so the liquid plasters my fingers.
It is foreign, it has become a stranger.
Yet every time, I feel no danger . . .

I lick my wounds 
in hopes to save her.
It is a caustic scene 
— and they’re all still watching. 

I’ll play along, 
we’ll create a tune, 
that creates a song.
They lack harmony 
and I feel like the drums
in the background, 
keeping the beat. 

And they’ll tell me I’m wrong 
because there’s blood on my thumbs.
The same thumbs that patch me.
The only thing keeping me breathing.

Cate Crowder is a queer individual attending the University of Texas of San Antonio. She has a heavy appreciation for poetry and anything creative. Her goal with this poem is connect with people who often feel like they’re on the outside.

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