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Nest Egg

Am I looking up at flowers?

Published onAug 20, 2023
Nest Egg

Photo by Andy Lee:

I wonder, are the plastic flowers dying?
The daisies' heads look like they are lower or
is that my head that is bowed?
Am I looking up at flowers? Uh, oh.
Am I dead?
No, I still feel the pinch
of inflation.
I still cannot see up close
without glasses, I still feel
cold and trapped by retirement. Should I
push up the heads of those daisies?
Or just lie down, see who comes up first.

W. Barrett Munn is a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. His adult poetry has been published in New Verse News, Speckled Trout Review, Volney Road Review, Book of Matches, Copperfield Review Quarterly, and others are forthcoming.

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