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Long Island Sound

"eleven fish fell off the bone"

Published onNov 08, 2023
Long Island Sound

Photo by the Zintels

fluke fish
hook set
eleven fish
fell off the bone 
from a fireless oven
in a tiny bungalow by the sea
after hours on small craft
of run & hide & play pirate 
Grandfather & step grandmother 
hand sanitizer breath
served up flatfish love & butter  
at dusk with a mask of an ocean 
in the background
in the salted dark

Russell Zintel (he/him) lives in the Catskills with his wife, KT, and their beloved cat. He is also a chef, specializing in pasta making. His poems have appeared in decomP magazinE, Jupiter Review, Sledgehammer Lit, Crow & Cross Keys, and other places.

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