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A New Shore

"Spread a blanket next to strangers, feast on briny clams."

Published onJun 19, 2024
A New Shore


Photo by Denis Trushtin: Pexels

after Farnez Fatemi

Friends, let’s fish
for hope, gather it
into our nets. Store the best catch
before we steer to shore.
Loop a line over found rock,
set anchor, run on the dunes.
Here, warm sand to bury
our feet, waves to wash them
clean. Sun to dry
our wounds. Spread a blanket
next to strangers, feast
on briny clams. Hold conch
to our ears, invite Rumi
to tell his story. Longing,
no matter how far out we swim,
forever swims beside us.
For years we’ll remember
strong tides could not
pull us under. 

Kathleen Goldblatt (she/her/hers) is the author of Our Ghosts Wait Patiently (Finishing Line Press.) Her poems have appeared in The Comstock Review, Amethyst, The Healing Muse, Psychological Perspectives and The San Antonio Review. She reflects on poetry during walks with her dog, Archie, who never tires of listening. Kathleen loves the sea and is lucky to live in Rhode Island, the Ocean State. She is a mental illness advocate and a Jungian psychoanalyst. 

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