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“a single breath / eclipses thought, ellipses / telescopes into / inner space”

Published onOct 27, 2019

“Untitled,” 35mm film photograph, Wimpy AF

Onyx morning
sit to breathe
breathe to sit
and watch the

mind frames reel
scenes of rapture
or is it rupture?
sound of Highway One

puss-eyed drones
commute, commuted

breath, damn it!
notice stomach expand
like a balloon
face slack as baboon

the neighbor’s skin head
prickles my Jew skin
a drunk cries into his hands
a coyote on the hill

try counting
in pairs
evil twins
finally, grace

a single breath
eclipses thought, ellipses
telescopes into
inner space

a single
black stone
star glow

bitch-slap of
money worry
freedom counted in
vacation days

diaphragm snaps
like a rubber band
machine gun

shoulders relax
on the exhale
the pause between breath
where infinity lived

but cannot be held

you old monkey mind
where the career?
what the ambition?

the temple bell sounds
(some app, a free download)
eyes open to light changed
objects in the room

plain and clear

David Rosenheim is an executive coach and professional songwriter who lives in a solar-powered house by the sea with his wife and two boys. The Weather Band, Hugh, and Winchester Revival have released his songs on seven critically lauded records. His poetry has been published in several journals and magazines. He is a graduate of Oxford University and host of the Sustainability Leaders Podcast.

Wimpy AF is a Brooklyn-based archivist who moonlights as a poet and painter. The AF is for Afrofuturist.

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