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Hairbow of Forgotten Memories

"A red bow stained with glue"

Published onJan 03, 2024
Hairbow of Forgotten Memories

Photo by Cheresha:

Far back in the corner of the bed,
where no broom dared explore for 8 years
a red bow of an elementary student lay.
A red bow stained with glue,
from groundbreaking artwork worthy of a place on the fridge.
On the inner lining
dirt and sand from the depths of the desert,
under the harsh heat of searching for dinosaurs in the sandbox.
Fairy dust and stardust grace the edges of the bow,
glitter collected from exploring the edges of the universe.
A bow of childhood play and memories lost.
A bow proud to see how its old wearer has grown.

Ayisha Silverson is a college STEM major by day and a creative writer by night. She is most inspired by worlds in high fantasy and sci-fi media. When she's not reading or writing, Ayisha spends her time surrounded by lovely plants and mischievous animals. 

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