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"i inspected our roots"

Published onMay 05, 2024

Photo by Teona Swift:

I put the roots in pure water
to salvage what was left
after the damage.
Sunlight pouring in,
offering a fresh perspective. 
No longer inhibited
by broken promises
and dried-up connections.
Sitting by the window 
soaking up the sun,
I inspected our roots
and saw that mine were 
so entangled with yours.
I dare not tear them apart.

Sarai Argüelles is a Mexican-American poet, painter, UHCL alum, and aspiring librarian. She loves plants, books, and her friends. Her writing primarily focuses on relationships, the concepts of hope and home, and her hometown of Houston. You can find more of her work on her Instagram accounts @poetaster_phenom and @sar_a_i.

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