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"even a burnt b is good"

Published onApr 19, 2023

Photo by Enric Cruz Lopez:

Shall we have smoked alphabet today?
can't beat g dipped in French Onion sauce
and v sparkles while cooking, but I would suggest letting it cool a little bit
A dangles alone, make sure you have the tongs handy so
it doesn't fall directly
on the coals
even a burnt b is good, the center remains soft, like an appropriate marshmallow 

I would recommend letting the charcoal come to a heat slowly, give it plenty of time
let the embers die down and don't splash on too much starter
you might use a skewer, pop those consonants on there until you recognize
a phrase, throw in an e and dash of salt
cover and let the blue haze do its thing
finer than salmon

then don't forget the cooler, and have a few beers
provide wine and a dictionary
roll out the red checkered table cloth
on a fine wood picnic table

Mary E. Croy lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she works as an administrative assistant. She spent nine years teaching English Language Learners in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. During her free time, Mary likes reading poetry and hanging out with her cats, Buster and Gabby. Her work has appeared in Better than Starbucks, Woven Tale Press, and Valley Voices, among others.

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