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Crow Magnon

"you would think they owned the place"

Published onApr 19, 2023
Crow Magnon

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Territorial crows
stakeholders in this neighborhood
what attitude!
objecting to the wandering shopper
cawing and diving the saturated dog 

I've had arguments with them
"I'm not going to jump up and grab your nest, okay?"
it quiets them for a moment
as if they are thinking
as if no human every squabbled with them before
Hey, I understand their language 

Every time I cross Highway 151 and approach the Settlement apartments
the same chorus
angry noisy and sure
you would think they owned the place

 with their command of black
and white splat
they do

Mary E. Croy lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she works as an administrative assistant. She spent nine years teaching English Language Learners in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. During her free time, Mary likes reading poetry and hanging out with her cats, Buster and Gabby. Her work has appeared in Better than Starbucks, Woven Tale Press, and Valley Voices, among others.

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