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Childhood Friends

"We were once as brothers"

Published onMar 05, 2023
Childhood Friends

Photo by lalesh aldarwish:

We were once as brothers
or so I thought.
Deep bonds
built on summer walks.
Talks of crushes
over lunches when we shop.
But these pleasant outings 
would suddenly come to a stop 
when your slipped race preferences
brought me to a halt.
Now I wish
we could forget all of our faults.
Oh, dear brothers
from another, white mother,
our ties unknot.

Grayson McDaniel is a fourth-year student at Auburn University at Montgomery where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree concentrating in Photography. Outside of academics, Grayson is interested in various visual arts mediums and creative writing (lyrics, poems, short stories, etc). One of his main goals is to start a blog centered around the creative arts scene around Montgomery, AL.

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