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Worth a Million

"I saw an ancient, grey stool with legs like a dove"

Published onNov 08, 2023
Worth a Million

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya:

I was sitting on the field
drinking tea on a low stool
which I bought at the flea market
the other day I went round the city
visiting fellow hungry artists
who threw their workshops open
for all to see and wonder.
The flea market was on my way,
and I digressed since it was sunrise
I saw this ancient, grey stool
with legs like a dove;
the price was reasonable,
and the occasion sanguine;
I took it home.
My neighbors came around
to ask me how my visit was;
I showed them my little stool,
and they had joy and thrill;
they said it cost a fortune,
for such antiques were rare,
but I dismissed their praise.
A black-winged fly buzzed
where I sat sipping Peppermint tea;
the sun was waking up from sleep,
and the morning was moaning;
the fly threw its weight around
and thudded on my antique stool
that’s when I smiled and nodded,
that my treasure was worth a million.

Jonathan Chibuike Ukah is a poet living in the UK with his family. His poems have been widely featured in literary magazines.

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