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"waiting for the wind to settle"

Published onApr 19, 2023

Photo by Frank Cone:

rabbit hiding in the bushes
scowling at the wood
waiting for the wind to settle
and Spring to be on her way

 rabbit unwhite,
brown, gray, the color of leftover snow
able to hang close to the brush
to charge out and away
with hidden knowledge of traffic

 this being is close to the ground
but muscled enough to scatter soil and seed
in her wake

Mary E. Croy lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she works as an administrative assistant. She spent nine years teaching English Language Learners in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. During her free time, Mary likes reading poetry and hanging out with her cats, Buster and Gabby. Her work has appeared in Better than Starbucks, Woven Tale Press, and Valley Voices, among others.

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