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Amas Veritas

"burn with me/an hour/a minute/a second more"

Published onJan 15, 2023
Amas Veritas


Photo by Alexander Gray:

Blue blush 
of midnight skin— 
cold flame 
beneath fingertips 
and wanting lips— 
stokes fire 
and love spells 
under Moon’s  
icy ring. 
Burn with me 
an hour 
a minute 
a second more 
and fade
into the oblivion 
of Starry Night, 
casting circles, 
casting away 
sinew and bone—the meat  
that binds us here— 
and revel 
in the air 
of boundless expanses 
and a wine-stained kiss. 

David Estringel is a Xicanx writer/poet with works published in literary publications, such as The Opiate, Azahares, Cephalorpress, Lahar, Poetry Ni, DREICH, Somos En Escrito, Ethel, The Milk House, Beir Bua Journal, and The Blue Nib. His first collection of poetry and short fiction Indelible Fingerprints was published April 2019, followed Blood Honey and Cold Comfort House in 2022. David has written three poetry chapbooks, Punctures (2019), PeripherieS (2020), and Eating Pears on the Rooftop (2022). His new book of micro poetry little punctures will be released in December 2022. Connect with David on Twitter @The_Booky_Man and his website

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