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You are no great kings

"I don't want this to be a sad poem-"

Published onMar 27, 2024
You are no great kings

Photo by Lucas Favre:

You are no great kings. Charlatans 
escapading in a quiet man's affair: 

I wish snow would fall faster
so my footprints were erased
but car’s speed on frozen roads
and stay still when on ice. 

I forgot long ago, my phone
is not my friend who walks away
who forgets to ask
why my eyes stare through space. 

Yet it feels, wrapped under winter
jackets and warm showers, I’m behind
the group and the snow’s heavy
so wash their steps away. 

Why ask? Depressed? Foolish word
I’m on top of the world. soon. But

there’s cold in the sun, and ski(be)ing
alone sucks. 

Why in today’s generative world-
I don’t want this to be a sad poem-
Does it feel like I’ve missed out-
But I travel more in a year than most-
On the part where I get my dad lore-
Is that half the problem?
Are my thoughts my own at this point? 

I am no great prince, riding
past sunsets and golden fields,
hold my reins, I wish to raise my helmet.
Please tell me what you see in my eye? 

No man is an island. Then why 
do I feel like I’ve already slipped under the sea? 

I fear I have done this to myself.

Greyson Fisher is a sophomore at William & Mary studying History & Business with a pursuit in the arts of escapism. He splits his free time between the International Relation Club, the Gym, and Wintergreen. He is an aspiring pilot, avid lego builder, and founder of an Airsoft Team with dreams of being an author. Greyson is currently working on an Augmented Reality project with several friends with aspirations to publish in the coming years. He aims to entertain, inspire, and create. What else is an artist to but make others smile? 

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