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Rolando's Super Tacos

"His dream came true and his big tacos too"

Published onJan 14, 2024
Rolando's Super Tacos

Photo by rogersaurus_mex

My grandma's dad
worked with a man;
this man's name was Rolando.
They worked every day
in the sun or rain,
nothing but trabajando.

Then one day
Rolando began to say,
"I'm going to build a restaurante,
no more sweating in the sun,
cooking will be fun.
No more work en adelante."

He told of his dreams
and all of his schemes,
"People will come far to eat my tacos."
He said he had a plan
and showing with his hands
"My tortillas will be the size of platos."

His dream came true
and his big tacos too.
Eat there and you won't be flaco.
But you've been deprived
if you haven't tried
Rolando's Super Tacos.

I am a San Antonio native, a city that has profoundly influenced my writing and creative pursuits. After graduating from UTSA’s Alvarez College of Business, I have continued to nurture my passion for writing, exploring various genres including poetry, short stories, and novellas, spanning both fiction and non-fiction. My work often reflects the vibrant culture and unique experiences of my hometown. Currently residing in Frisco, Texas, I balance my career in software development with my love for writing, travel, and the great outdoors. My roots in San Antonio remain a strong influence in my creative endeavors, which can be seen in this short poem based on an oral tradition within my family.

Charles Martinet:

Beautiful text! Thank you. Regards and flowers from Russia.