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"The feeling of blood racing rapidly through the veins."

Published onNov 28, 2017

ar • dent /ˈɑːdənt/ adj. 1. The feeling of blood racing rapidly through the veins. 2. The ache of the heart after cruel, raw rejection. 3. All that is evoked when the human soul is moved / The hidden tear behind a father who cannot feed the five little heads clinging to his legs / eyes clenched in sorrow, / the warmth of a mother’s bosom, / the thoughts of the raging immigrant, pouring his soul and uncertainty through the pen, / the blistered feet of families walking through the desert, / the knot in the stomach after leaving behind the soil that heard your first cry, / the fear of saying goodbye to every face you have seen every day since the day you first walked, / the sound of hunger, / the heat of the unknown, / the journey to plant and see blossom a home like the ones on TV / the passion inside every dreamer.


Amanda Bustos is eighteen years old and an English major at St. Mary’s University. Amanda was born and currently resides in El Paso, Texas and she spent some time in Juarez, Chihuahua. Even though English is her second language, it is her first home. She will be graduating in the spring of 2018, and though she is uncertain of which career path to take, she has faith her unwavering passion for writing and literature will guide her in the right direction. Seeing her mother selling food in the streets of El Paso inspired her to focus her writing on the immigrant experience. As a proud Hispanic, she embraces the green chile that runs in her blood and hopes to capture the essence of the silenced injustices that immigrants face, which she believes require more attention.

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